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Copy Reports to Build a New One vs Starting from Scratch

When building a new report, one must always start from scratch.  Most of the times, you want a report that is very similar to one you've already created.  It would be a huge time saver if we could start by selecting a report that is very similar to what we want and copying it.  Kind of like when building an event, you can select an existing event and make a copy of that event and then edit it to create a new one.  We want to do the same thing with reports.

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  • Jun 4 2018
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We will use this enhancement to create reports quicker and faster.  For example, I have a Workspace where it will include an event but based on audience, needs to be broken down differently.  One audience wants the Normalized URL, another wants http status codes, another wants the order numbers, etc.  We than want to duplicate for each our our six applications.  The base report is based on the same event, but with different dimensions.  If I were to do this in On-Prem, this is an hour task.  In TL SaaS, it's most of the day. 

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    June 05, 2018 16:58

    You can currently copy an existing report and save it. You then could make changes to that report. It should only take a few mins.