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Add the Ability to Share a Report/Workspace with a Specific Group or Add a Parent Tree to Analytics to Organize

We have many groups that utilize TL.  From Customer Service, IT, Mktg, Finance, Escalations, Leadership, etc., these groups want to access information quickly and easily with minimal time to find what they need.  Currently, we share pretty much everything to public and let the individual user select the reports or workspaces they're after. This clouds up our public workspace section which becomes difficult to navigate.  Due to this, we've been asked to share the reports with specific users, which becomes time-consuming when we have many people in a group. 

It would be great if we could share the report/workspace with marketing or fraud, etc.  This would save our analysts that are creating most of the reports valuable time. It would save our user community from hunting down a particular report and would help us de-clutter our public workspace section.

If we can't add groups, could we add additional tags or layers that can be expanded. i.e. right now, it's Public / Workspace.  Could we do something like Public / Application / Group / Sub-Group / Workspace???  Where application would be the applications within TL.  Group could be Billing, Shop, Preferences, etc.  and Sub Group may be fraud, finance, performance, etc.  This would help our data stand out and make it easier for our user community to find what they're after.

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  • Oct 9 2018
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This would allow our analysts or anyone creating a report to quickly share a report or workspace with the groups it was designed for so that they can quickly access the information without hunting it down in Public or our analysts spending unnecessary time individually selecting users of a particular group.  Also as groups change, we must update each report with the new members or remove those that are no longer part of that group.

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