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Event Tester: More Insights on Why Event Failed

Currently, if an event in event tester fails, there's no easy way to find out why. I have to go back to the event and then add all the conditions into the event tester and test again. It's a slow process. Ideally If an event fails, it should show which conditions passed/failed within the event

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  • Jan 18 2019
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How will this idea be used?

It would make the process of event creation/correcting easier

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    Guest commented
    January 23, 2019 01:01

    as a suggestion, build your event by using simpler events for each condition. Then you can see in event tester exactly what failed or worked, and later combine the event if needed. Also remember you can add step and hit attributes in the tester and see their values.

  • Admin
    Whit Blodgett commented
    February 08, 2019 22:10

    Thanks for the suggestion, great minds think alike! This is slated for a future release. Thanks, Whit 

  • Admin
    Whit Blodgett commented
    March 25, 2019 22:48

    This will be part of our next release