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Session Performance Report in BBR/Replay

Tealeaf has a bunch of fantastic data around performance.  I would suggest a v10+ enhancement that gives you a comprehensive pop-up report in BBR for the Session Performance, all the hits of the session.  After 10+ years, I think the simple columns in BBR (that are often hidden by the page sidebar) are far overdue for a revamp.  We now have client side timings, network timings.  On Premise has a big opportunity to leverage these in combination, and as a competitive differentiator.

Instead of these columns, you could have a "View Session Performance" button that pops an iframe (w/option for new window), and displays all the Replayable pages of session (UIC/Network data).  If there is client-side render time or other performance timings, then it displays those, then defaults back to, also shows the network timings under their own section.

The Network Data display will show ALL the pages of the sessions (like Request/Response) with their network timings and HTTP status codes.

There should be a summary section at bottom with the total time of the session, total network payload (bytes) of session (REQ/RSP, total), Avg metrics per page.  Also to have an export function to excel/download.

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  • Sep 25 2018
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How will this idea be used?

Once this is created in BBR, this can easily be expanded and used further for better performance reports.  Add an extra icon in the Session Search Results for "View Session Performance" to get the iframe popup without having to do BBR launch (like the Page List feature).  

If you have open a BBR from a Search Results, and have this report open, looking at a specific network call: you could click a feature that says "Get Avg timing of this page from recent search results", OR have it pop up Saved Search Segments and you can choose existing searches.  Now a user can easily cross-fetch and investigate page performance issues right from a single ad-hoc report.  Right now there is no features that let a user go from BBR and pivot to reporting - now that I SEE the problem, how often is it happening to other users?

What is your industry? Banking
What is the idea priority? High
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  • Oct 12, 2018

    Admin Response

    Hello, Dieter -

    As always, thank you for this feedback.  As we work on stories for BBR, we'll include this in our research.

    Best regards,
    Rob Hain

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