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Privacy rules into the database for coordination, comprehensive & change controls

All privacy CFG files are all base written, but would be very easy to import these into the Tealeaf database.  The reason for this would be to be able to coordinate your privacy rules and have better visualization controls of privacy, including privacy change controls (tighter than TMS), AND to be able to extract patterns of PII or restricted data for sharing with teams like InfoSec.  

Second, we can start to ARRANGE and label, categorize our privacy rules.  Response vs REquest rules.  UIC JSON call rules, JSON vs HTML, PII data vs Restricted (password, CCNum, etc), Prohibited (3 digit card codes) and more.  We can have better controls on tiering these, and coordinate them from the portal.

Another use case might be if we extracted a Tealeaf session, we could use a tool to "cleanse" the file, and we could say "run it through all Privacy rules".  Or only run them for the first two levels of data classification (or whatever labels we choose), etc.

For larger websites and systems, coordinating and logging these are very important.  However right now we've got file editing and TMS is only the most basic of systems.

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  • Oct 19 2018
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We'd immediately start organizing our privacy rules, sort them by data classifications and make sure we don't have redundant rules, actions, etc.  If we can organize them all in one place and then match them up to the placement via database, we can get a much better handle on the privacy and system performance management as they take a decent bit of system load.

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