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Ability for users to report replay issues

It would be helpful for end users to have the ability to report problems in replay: missing content, incorrect layout, missing information, etc. directly from a replay.  It should be as easy as possible for end users (who are typically non-technical) to submit. It should allow the user to select from a list of pre-defined "issues" as well as a "more info" box where the user can describe the problem in detail.   Admins should have an "inbox" within the portal to view the list of reported issues.  Each item should include a link to the session, configurable session attributes listed, and highlight which page in the session the user observed the problem on.  Admins should see a "badge" next to the link to this page to indicate the number of active issues. 

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  • Nov 14 2018
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This will allow admins to quickly become aware of problems and resolve them quicker.  Most users don't report problems but just "deal" with them.  So we as admins have no idea a problem exists unless we fine it ourselves.  The end users do the majority of session replays and interact with replays more than admins generally. 

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    December 13, 2018 07:14

    Another possible side idea on this, that might work - Use a DOM Capture JS integrated into Tealeaf Portal with it's own mini-endpoint.  Admins can view these to replay Portal session examples, so we can export these for IBM support tickets.

    It'd be a great way to test and tune DOM capture as well, on the own Tealeaf portal...