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Central User Error Log for Portal

When someone has an error in something like Portal Search, or can't access a section of the Portal (404), or Replay fails to load, Replay link expired (session was trimmed) - none of these errors are centrally logged by the Tealeaf Portal.

What I mean by centrally logged, is that each component may have it's own respective sub-service log, but the Portal app itself has very limited logging that it threw such an error, and what error, to which user, and how often it occurred via the WebApp interface.

As such, if we had an issue with the canister search service, which would serve a "Could not connect to canister X" in the Session Search results, the administrators may not be aware that is happening nor how often.  Such an error as a canister search failure on a single canister is only logged at the canister level, search service - even though the Portal itself served that error (see screenshot).  I am also including more details on the IBM support ticket attached to this request.

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  • Mar 7 2019
  • Needs review
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As administrators, we should know when the Portal is showing errors to the users.  Right now, especially in a large Tealeaf system  we can't monitor all the individual servers, for how they map to the web application.  Since the web application is the central point, we would have some way to display a report in Portal Administration of search errors, failed replay errors, etc.  Then we can dive into tracing those errors, and maybe even have ways to remotely pull the logs (report can pull the logs via TMS calls) and make it much easier to diagnose issues for IBM Support.

What is your industry? Banking
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