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"View Report Activity" Inline for Report Admins

When someone is on their own report: Dashboard or Report Builder, they should have a new button (text button) that says "View Report Activity".  Only admins of the report, or Portal Administrators can view the button.  However this would give a great in-the-moment way to view who else is using the report, how much is the report being used and by whom.  It can include: Numbers (frequency) and by whom it is being accessed.

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  • Mar 25 2019
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How will this idea be used?

Report owners can see if a report is being used and by whom.  They know if it's "safe" to modify it, or notify those users it's being changed.  If the report can "download" to an XLS they can use it to create an email notify list.

Tealeaf portal administrators can use it to determine if a report or dashboard is good to be deactivated/deleted without having to dig through activity reports - the link is right there in the report itself!

Atlassian confluence has a similar add-on plugin called "ViewTracker" that lets you view the stats of a confluence page or wiki space.  Useful for admins to spot check if your documentation is being used and adopted or not.

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