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Complete Revision of Eventing Requirements, Features, and User Interface

Eventing is the heart of TeaLeaf and needs to be made simpler and more capable.  Our current eventing process is in need of an update for on-prem similar to but better than that in SaaS.  There are several ideas that can be entertained for the changed system.  I recommend we have a brainstorming meeting to discuss the suggested changes and new features to be added to eventing.

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  • Oct 11 2019
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How will this idea be used?

One use case is the import/export of event definitions in Excel spreadsheet format.  A spreadsheet to track all of the event objects.  This concept could be extended as a new feature of TeaLeaf (on-Prem and SaaS).  Namely, have TeaLeaf be able to export all events as a spreadsheet and have TeaLeaf be able to import events from a spreadsheet.  In this way, we can document any/create new event objects.  The export feature would help with management of events over time.  That is, TeaLeaf user groups could identify event objects to delete/disable old/unused events.

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