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Provide true session storage size for use in canister safety limits

The current design provides hit-level and session-level size metrics "as captured". However, these metrics do not include data added during processing:


Session Attributes:




Hit metrics in the request:





This presents a problem for the canister safety size event, which is intended to close the session before it becomes a high consumer of system resources: 


if (($S.TotalREQBytes + $S.TotalRSPBytes) > 5242881)



In some outlier examples we have seen sessions of more than 250MB when the safety size limit was 45MB. This can put strain on many of the canister sub-processes (hit processor, closer, archiver) as they remain 32bit. Much of the difference was found to be in Fact data, added by the event engine.




It may also be true that hits added by the VHit session agent are not reflected in these measurements.


This request is to add a system session attribute to provide the true storage size, for example:




The metric would be updated in active sessions as each hit arrives so that the true size of the session XML would be available. The canister safety limit event could then be made more reliable.


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  • Oct 29 2019
  • Under Consideration
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In internal investigation, it was found that persistent canister sub-process failures had been triggered by excessive session storage size, and the existing canister safety limit event was unable to provide adequate protection. This enhancement will provide for improved canister stability.

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  • Nov 6, 2019

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    We are investigating this issue. Any additional comments/feedback about how pervasive this issue is would be helpful.

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