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Improve Session Search Results Summary & Info at top of page.

Tealeaf search results can be cryptic, especially to new users.  I know that new "chicklets" upgrades are coming, but wanted to add a few items to be considered around Session Search Results overview and info to be updated:

  • Improve Date Range shown to readable dates.
    • Right now these show as part of the search query string in Tealeaf format: (xfilter (word TLTSLUS1970_1575878400~~TLTSLUS1970_1576051199)
    • Change these to "Sessions shown from time range:  XXXX to XXXX"
  • Provide better info on Result sets numbers.
    • Right now it shows "Displaying 100 of XXX,XXX sessions" but it isn't clear that there are THREE numbers here, and what those numbers mean.
      • First the "display" is to describe how many sessions are being displayed in the existing Search Template (tell the user that is what this number means).
      • Second, is the total matches found during the executed search.
      • THIRD isn't shown on the SR page at all - which is how many sessions are in the Result Set XML.  These can only be seen from Manage Segments page, and will be downloaded if you do the Export as Excel option.   This is also the master limit set by the Adminstrator from Portal Admin, CX Settings, Search, Search Results Max Segment Limit.  This is important to show users so they can know they can EXTRACT all Max Segment Limit if they wish.
  • Fold search errors as small single line notice rather than expanded blob.
    • Canister timeout and other errors should show as a single line warning, folded (X errors occurred! Click to expand.)  If there are 20+ canisters, these errors take up a lot of UI space.


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  • Dec 11 2019
  • Needs review
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Help users better understand and return to Search Results with better context, understand the data sets clearly.

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