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Restrict Access to Create or Modify Events by Label or Other Logical Grouping

Need to be able to grant individuals or groups of users access to manage events without giving them access to EVERY event in the system.  There needs to be a way to restrict groups of users to a certain segment of events that only they can view or manage, other than Tealeaf admins.  This is especially important for events that are used to control session access in the search service configuration.   As it is now, users can change session search events to access any sessions; inadvertently or otherwise. 

The events users don't have access to in event manager should not be displayed at all. 

There also needs an option for admins to allow or disallow access to create advanced events or to use regular expressions on hit attributes. 

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  • Jan 14 2020
  • Needs review
How will this idea be used?

Event creation can be delegated to app or business teams without involving admins and without concern for impacting other events in the system. 

What is your industry? Insurance
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