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Make client-side URLs (Screenviews) indexed for search

"Screenview URLs", or client-side only URLs, are when Single Page App scripts update/change the URL but there is NO network or server call to that URL. For those of your users that may use "Page URL" to search in Tealeaf, this will return ZERO results. However, there is a fix! The Tealeaf UIC/JS captures these URLs as a "Screenview LOAD" event. You can create an event to evaluate this occurrence, and make it searchable in the Portal (Event Values parameter). See the attached Edit Event screen capture for details. This can be another good differentiator from server logs, as Tealeaf will catch things like "/error" pages that may only show up on client side.

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  • Feb 4 2020
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To enable those users who have single page apps with client side only URLs the ability to natively search in Tealeaf vs having to create an explicit event for something that is becoming a web standard.


The solution here is to create a combined searchable index so end Tealeaf client users can search one field for "Page URL" like they do for IP address (v4 or v6), if it is a network call or a client-side only URL.  From a browser perspective no one, not the client knows or an incident investigator if it is a client-side only, or a network call.  They just know it was the "Page URL" in the browser.

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