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Circular dependency detection enhancements

If there are any circular dependencies in events event manager tells you when you try to save and you can disable dependency checking but if you're not sure which events are associated with circular dependencies it's difficult/impossible to tell where the circular dependency is and allow you to possibly resolve it. 

- Event list should display an icon to indicate which events are involved with a circular dependency. 

- Should also provide a visual trace of where it detects the circular dependency to be. 

- Ability to "whitelist" specific events. etc. to be ignored in dependencies check. (Sometimes circular dependencies are detected incorrectly)

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  • Feb 6 2020
  • Needs review
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If you forget to disable the dependency check beforehand you get an annoying  circular dependency warnings after you've done work on an event.  This will alleviate that issue and if a true circular dependency is in events somewhere you will be able to resolve them easier. 

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