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Parity between RTV and BBR

In General, BBR is lacking functionality compared to RTV. I would like to see improvements in BBR.

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  • Jun 29 2018
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Since BBR is the only way to replay DOM capture sessions, I would like to see BBR parity with RTV. I spend most of my time analyzing session replays and viewing all the associated data. BBR is lacking compared to RTV.

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    Guest commented
    July 31, 2018 21:21

    I'd also like to see the advanced search features as a separate tool from BBR, but still migrated from RTV into the Portal.  The ability to scan the indexes for values can be very useful - maybe at least for Admin only or a specific Tealeaf user group access?

  • Admin
    Rob Hain commented
    August 16, 2019 22:40

    Looking for feedback! RTV's non-indexed subsearch capability has been migrated into v10.0. What other RTV features need to come out of RTV and into Portal or BBR?

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    Guest commented
    August 19, 2019 11:45

    I don't ever use BBR because, well, it stinks in comparison (I know, its all in what you get used to) - but, here goes.

    1. Needs to be faster!
    2. needs a "flag" marker to mark the event of the session
    3. need to be able to open more than one session at a time - I'm not sure how to accomplish this, with it's current design - but, figure it out
    4. need to be able to customize our own result views
      1. and then be able to sort by them (all)
      2. and then be able to export them (all)
    5. the navigation area needs to allow you to expand all/collapse all (I thought that was what the hide all/show all was supposed to do - but all it provide arrows for you to manually "show" the UI's);  Ok, I guess I found this... "Filter by" does NOT make sense to describe this function!!


    Basically, think "RTV in Browser"