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Expandable / Re-sizable dashboard components in Admin System Status reports (for large deployments)

The system status dashboards and components have a display problem at larger server counts (i.e., over 20 canisters).

With anything near this total server count the charts under Tealeaf > System Status are showing the data scrunched together so the data is near unreadable. These reports include the charts of DecoupleEx, HBR, and Canister. The server name legend is compressed, with names overlaying each other.

This request is to have the system status dashboards and dashboard components to be more scalable, so they remain usable at larger server counts.

These dashboards have plenty of unused white-space. It would make sense to be more flexible in sizing the dashboard components. If the components were permitted to expand sideways, and to be stacked one-above-the-other instead of side-by-side, the data points (server names) would become more legible. This design would be closer to what is offered in the Report Builder, where component sizing and placement in the dashboard is permitted.

Ref: RTC 63546

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  • Jul 30 2018
  • Under Consideration
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Our current road-map for Tealeaf deployment includes a larger server count, so this system administration problem will be made worse under the current design. If system monitoring dashboards become usable at larger server counts, we will be able to detect problems earlier and react to them more quickly.

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