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File Sync - TMS Controls, ability to monitor and sync CFG files

When you have a larger Tealeaf system (>5 servers), juggling and keeping track of multiple configs, privacy, etc can be a daunting task.  Rolling them out can be even more so.  Let's say you want to roll out a new Privacy.cfg file for all your servers?  Or one of the files is out of sync for some reason?

I propose a new function of TMS that can sync and monitor DIFFs of files we set.  One time we can say which file on which servers should be "watched".  One is a the "master" and the others are "clones".  TMS will periodically check the files on the servers and see if DIFFs, size and DateMod.  The watch would have two modes: Alert or Auto-Clone.  If Auto-Clone, then it will just propagate the new file across all the servers.  If Alert, it will flag a DIFF alert to the Alert tab, maybe a red number showing there is a value in the tab (like Facebook).  Alert we'd use if we need to be careful about rolling services, like Canisters.  Auto-Clone might be fine for Privacy.cfg, etc.  Then we can go into TMS and schedule our service rolls on each server (Transport service for example).

NOTE: Need this BADLY for PCAs as well!!!  PLEASE PLEASE be able to sync privacy.cfg across all the PCAs!!

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  • Jul 31 2018
  • Under Consideration
How will this idea be used?

Use to monitor privacy.cfg, tealeafcapturesocket.cfg, and other configuration files across the PCA, HBR and Canister tiers.

What is your industry? Banking
What is the idea priority? Urgent
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