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Extend asset URL format to allow addressing image renditions

WCH supports the concepts of image profiles defining a set of renditions for images. The renditions define image aspects like cropping and resizing. The actual Image transformation is driven via well-known Image URL parameters consumed and processed by the Akamai edge servers. Corresponding image URLs are generated automatically for image elements that reference image assets in combination with a corresponding image profile/rendition. Today, It is not possible to create such URL without defining corresponding image elements.

This feature adds the following: Image assets can be addressed via URLs that identify a specific rendition defined in a specific image profile (by introducing new URL query params). The images served by those URLs will have the corresponding Akamai image transformations applied

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  • Apr 25 2019
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How will this idea be used?

Customers (Fernando) can create URLs that are addressing managed renditions of specific images. 

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    September 12, 2019 12:00

    This is extremely important!!! Please your help reviewing this idea.